Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Liberal Democrats and the 7th of January conspiracy...

There has again been a significant time lapse between now and my last blog post...In the near future i plan to write a piece discussing the issue of localism and public services-but nothing so heavy today!

The 7th January conspiracy...

- Nick Clegg, current Liberal Democrat leader:
Born 7/1/1967

- Andrew Lewin, author of current vision, Lib Dem activist who has a lifelong ambition to lead the Liberal Democrat party:
Born 7/1/1987
(20 years to the day after clegg- and doesnt 20 years constitute a generation?!)

-Charles Kennedy, former leader- announced that he was stepping down from the leadership and not seeking re-election as party leader:

Just like Nick Clegg, i dont believe in God but perhaps i ought to believe in destiny...

Happy Christmas to all

Im off down the bookies to put a £1 on myself being the 2nd Lib Dem leader born on 7th January...

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