Friday, August 11, 2006

Drum Roll...and Welcome to Current Vision!

After hearing a bold prediction on bbc radio five live that 'everyone', would have a blog within five years i decided that i should act now and join the masses already 'blogging'and not leave it too late to join such an interesting emerging trend.

I have no intention of delving into my private affairs on my blog, rather i forsee using 'current vision' as a new and innovative way to share my views on everything from Islamic fundamentalism and climate change to Manchester United and the rapidly improving England cricket team.

As a politics student at the University of York and a committed Liberal Democrat activist the advance warning for this blog should probably be that it will be dominated by posts on political (and particularly Liberal Democrat related)issues. Yet for all those reading this, it is important to realise that as seriously as i take current affairs and my affiliation with the Liberal Democrats, there is far more to me than being a environmentalist, new labour critic and social liberal!

Like millions of others in the UK, i am also a huge sports fan; having followed cricket and football in particular since my pre-school days! I will doubtless be posting my thoughts on the pre-eminent sporting matters of the day, with perhaps the odd mention of my own cricket 'career' at my club and Uni IF things are going well!

Anyway- i will finalise the introductions here, hoping only to stress the point that i hope that this blog can grow to be as diverse and interactive as possible, with people from all walks of life discussing any and everything from people, politics and the Premiership!

Enjoy reading and contributing to 'current vision'.

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Dodders said...


I was just looking up Bishop's Stortford on Google Earth and when you hit images for Bishop's Stortford you are on the very first page. Just thought I ought to let you know you are getting good exposure. As for my political commentary I would be here all day - don't get me on the labour government, the nanny state, health and safety, red tape and unnecessary legislation....hope you can make netys they will be starting about end jan time.

Cheers Mate - Dodders